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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Making Money Online is Hardwork - Quality backlinks using e-books.

Good Morning,  I hope this finds you all well and looking forward to a bright future.

So were still on the subject of linking just now.  All of the information in this and previous blogs will apply equally well to any type of site whatever it is in existence for.

Just out of interest the three biggest search engines, Google, Yahoo and MSN  all index web sites differently, their procedures change regularly and certainly move with the times, some rate keywords more highly than another search engine will, but to keep things simple, the basic rule is lots of backlinks of good quality are the best.  Also having a million backlinks from one site say for example all linking back to the same forum will not be as productive as many links from a lot of different quality sites.

Check how many backlinks you have on all three main  search engines. To do the test, just type in Most of you should notice that Yahoo and MSN have relatively more backlinks compared to Google.

Another way of building up backlinks

A great way of creating backlinks for your site is to create your own E-Books which include  your website URL.  Obviously thes have to be in keeping with your theme. By  giving them away free to your target audience you will be blasting your URL all over the net and producing backlinks. An intersting E-Book is a great enticement for your target audience and will not only be useful to them but if it is well written and informative it will build up trust between yourself and the recipient.  There is also a high chance they will recommend it to others. Bloggers may well include your URL on their site as a freebie to their subscribers. So here we have a simple way of gaining lots of exposure and quality backlinks too.

Any questions? Please e-mail me and I will endeavour to answer them as soon as possible.

More in the next blog.  Take care x

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Making Money Online is Hard Work - Increase Traffic with Quality Links

Hi, how are you today.  Increasing your online knowledge and raring to go I hope.

Right the next step you need to consider is other types of backlinks.  Google search engine loves blogs and a quick and easy way to increase your ratings is to create a blog related to your business/website.  Or perhaps even several.  There are many free blogging services. actually belongs to Google it's easy to use so its a good place to begin.  Start posting regular blogs and make sure you have a link to your website included on your blog.

Another quick way to increase your links is by joining one of the many article sites.  That may sound daunting but as long as you write in a professional way and check your grammar and spelling, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to do this. Naturally any articles must be related to your business.  You can write as many articles as you like as long as they are informative and have good content - it doesn't have to be a masterpiece.  However, most article sites will have certain rules and regulations so ensure you are familiar with these before you post anything.  As well as increasing your links and hence your search engine ratings, articles will also give you more targetted traffic.  How does this work?  Well, quite simply someone, somewhere has been searching article sites or has put in a search on the net and your article has come up.  Chances are if they like what they read they will click on the link to your website - which can't be a bad thing now can it.  

Please email with any questions you may have and we will do our best to answer asap

See you soon but not too soon I hope, you have a lot of work to do so get started.  Sandkat

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Making Money Online is Hard Work - Make it Pay Off!

Now gets take a look at External Linking.  Now what do I mean by this?

Any website or blog will flourish more easily with good linking.  Remember in my last blog I did the illustration about using well known movie stars?*  Whatever your site is doing, whether it be information only, selling locally, nationally or internationally, your own products or other peoples, it matters not.  What does matter, however, is how many people find your website.  In, fact, it doesn't only matter - its VITAL.

So having your own website to sell your own products has only one real pitfall as I see it but it is a very large pitfall .... that is why I cannot emphasise enough that if you cannot afford large scale advertising or are not selling a product locally where you can use directories and have minimum advertising costs.  Then your main headache will be getting enough traffic to your site to make decent sales.  (please don't assume that because you are not selling locally that free directories are not for you - they certainly are and nationwide ones are very useful indeed).

Search engines work by spidering the contents of web pages. Google, for example, will run across web pages looking for keywords and links. Sites are then indexed - rather like the beginning of a book - according to their content, links, traffic etc. so that popular and more professional or should I say 'search engine friendly' sites will come first in the index.  When a search is made via the search engine, the engine sets off to look for related words. If your site has great keywords in the right place and has lots of good quality links as well as excellent content then the search engine will choose your site above others. There are no miracles here, nothing but persistence, good knowledge of what you are doing and hard work will get you what you want. Remember the competition is immense. If you can afford it get some additional tools which have been created by experts you will certainly gain a massive head start which can help you advance quickly and with the greatest success

I have already  mentioned the following products which I rate very highly.  Follow the links to each product and read for yourself how they can help you.

Keyword Elite                                       
SEO Elite                                       

New web sites  can be live for  weeks before Google or other any other search engines to visit. You can improve this by 'Linking to an existing site.'  How is this done?  One way is to join a forum group related to your website topic or niche market.  Participate in their discussions and then before you leave sign the post with a link to your website.  Don't spam these forums it will only lead to problems.  Also only participate in online discussions if you have something useful to say. The more well known and popular forums will mean Google will quickly pick up the link to your site.    Always remember Google likes quality links.

More about good quality backlinks coming soon

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Making Money Online is Hardwork - Make it work by using Backlinks


Off Page Ranking

So far, we've looked at building your own website, types of internet selling (more to follow on this later) and keywords.  We have also touched on the likelihood of getting first page rankings on Google and in this blog I want to cover what are known as backlinks.

The most important part of this process is linking.

To illustrate this - you are a film producer and you have a great story and ask lots of unknown actors to appear in your film once it's finished you find it's only vaguely successful at the box office. Now, you have written another great story and you invite a few very well known actors to star in the film - this time it's a great success - why?  Simply because you are inviting celebrities and not unknowns to star in the film. Linking works in much the same way. It's very important to get other web sites to link to you and vice versa but if you can link to well known sites that, for example, Google already likes, sites with high quality content and loads of traffic, then, the search engine will surmise that you are a fairly important website and should be considered for a higher rank.

Also if a lower ranked website is receiving lots of 'click through's and is obviously becoming popular, the search engine may well decide to lower a high ranking website and give more credence to the lower ranking site.

Unfortunately, this is all a bit of a balancing act and the goal posts are constantly changing. But don't despair there is a lot you can do to get your website where it will be noticed.

If you already have a website and it's a business site for which you depend on to provide some, if not all of your income, you will have already realised that you face massive competition. It is extremely difficult to get you website to the top of the search engine rankings, certainly on a permanent basis.

There are other things that can assist you to increase the traffic coming to your website. Most people understand what links are, there are internal and external links. Simply put, external links are a connection with your web page HTML which is from another source. That is, not from another page on your website.  Then there are internal links this means  linking two or more internal pages of your website together.

There are various types of links, some of these are rated more highly than others by the search engines.

1. Affiliate Links
2. External Links
3. Reciprocal Links
4. Internal Links

You can add more pages to your website and if you have already purchased web designing software already,  this will be easy to do.  However, you must ensure the new pages you are adding, have the appropriate links to other pages on your website so that customers can click through these to find out other information you have to offer.

Start with this simple type of linking and we'll get going on the external linking tomorrow.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Making Money Online is Hard Work - How do I get Traffic?

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic and more Traffic....

So, where are we now. Ah! Yes. Hopefully you have a beautiful brand new website displaying all your products that you want to sell, sell, sell.  Well you can sit there forever and wait and very little will happen.

Now what you might be selling may be a product that can be sold locally, perhaps its a service rather than a product.  Now that is  a whole lot easier - I'm not going to pretend you are clueless here because I know your not.  Any local service needs to be advertised and I'm sure if that's you, by now you will have a vehicle, flyers, etc etc advertising your business and web address, you will also be in the yellow pages (UK) or other telephone directories.  I am pretty sure you will have done this too but just in case you haven't.  Type in directories into you search bar and you will find a whole list of  other places where you can advertise mostly for free.  I did a pet sitting service once and I still re-advertise each year.  Its not really a business - although at one time I was serious about it - I still do it from time to time because it  really is effortless and good fun.  It cost me nothing to advertise and I still get phone calls from time to time - that was only from one listing in one directory.  These can be powerful ways of advertising your business and getting traffic to your website.  Great if your local or can post your products. 

If you already have a website and it's a business site for which you depend on to provide some, if not all of your income, you will have already realised that you face massive competition. It is extremely difficult to get you website to the top of the search engine rankings, certainly on a permanent basis.  I have already emphasised using keywords to increase search engine rankings on previous posts so I'm not going into that again.  In my next update I will be helping you to increase your search engine traffic by another means.


See you all soon

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Making Money Online is Hardwork

OK, so lets get on with the detail of the first of these 3 methods of making money online.

You Have Your Own Products to Sell and Want Your Own Website

You have products to sell and need to increase or even make your first sales by using a website.  For a lot of people this is common place stuff and all youngsters are taught a great deal about computers, websites and web building at school.  However, not everyone has just left school. The easy way to begin marketing your products on a website is to pay someone to build a website for you.  This disposes of a lot of the hard work but it can be costly and you will most likely have to continue to keep paying up if you need to change or update your information - especially if your a novice.

Now without giving my age away - I first used a computer in 1997.  I had never been on a PC before and I learnt at a - dare I say that dirty word - a call centre.  I had a need at the time to find full time well paid employment.  Call centre work was not in that bracket, so, I was compelled to stay at work in my own time and teach myself about computers, all the various microsoft packages and other bespoke systems in order to become a Manager.  It was a daunting task but I loved it.  I find it very satisfying to be able to find my way around the net, use many types of software and also now added to the list is building my own websites.  One of the first I built is still up and running.  You can find it at

That was a long time ago but now the end result is I will have a go at anything.  So, the time came for me to work from home, to start earning real money.  I could not stump up enough cash to pay someone to build my websites and as I liked working on computers I decided to learn to build my own website.  The only question without an answer was .. How!

Well, I have already promoted the particular product I used in previous blogs but here it is again.

I cannot stress enough how versatile and useful this product is.  It walks you through every step with screen shots and help files on everything.  The system allows you to build as many pages as you like.  Easily add autoresponders.  Allows you to add links with complete ease.  Add pictures and affilitate links to you hearts content. Change your pages whenever you need to. It shows you how to set up sales, information, contact, about us pages etc. etc. You can build hundreds of websites or web pages.  It truly is sa imple and incredibly useful tool.  Once your site is built it walks you through hosting, pdf clients etc.  There are even hlep files comcerning keywords, where to place them and the best way to set up your website for maximum image.  It even makes adding google ads the simplest thing ever.

Right so thats enough of the "floggin the product to death bit".  My next blog will help you consider  - once you have the flashiest website in the world - how on earth you get that vital traffic to you website in order to make the sales.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Making Money Online - How is it Possible

So, as I have always said, those who make instant money online are few and far between. Yet, it is possible, maybe not quite as instantly as you have been led to believe, but yes, it is absolutely possible.

Now, those who strive to set up an online business do so by different means.  First, those who have or are beginning a business and set up a website as a platform for selling.  Second, the people who sell things but use someone elses website.  Third, affiliates who sell other people's products either from their own website or from other means.

Over the next few days I am going to set out in more detail how these three methods work and the pitfalls of each method.

Next I am going to set out the steps you need to take in order to achieve success for which ever type of selling you choose.

Then I will help you examine your own situation and find the best solution for you to be able to start earning online.

The possibilities are indeed endless, and that indeed is almost the biggest problem, the internet itself is now almost endless so you really need to work hard and with as much imagination and persitance as you can muster to make your dreams come true.  And, yes, they can come true.