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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Making Money Online is Hardwork - Make it work by using Backlinks


Off Page Ranking

So far, we've looked at building your own website, types of internet selling (more to follow on this later) and keywords.  We have also touched on the likelihood of getting first page rankings on Google and in this blog I want to cover what are known as backlinks.

The most important part of this process is linking.

To illustrate this - you are a film producer and you have a great story and ask lots of unknown actors to appear in your film once it's finished you find it's only vaguely successful at the box office. Now, you have written another great story and you invite a few very well known actors to star in the film - this time it's a great success - why?  Simply because you are inviting celebrities and not unknowns to star in the film. Linking works in much the same way. It's very important to get other web sites to link to you and vice versa but if you can link to well known sites that, for example, Google already likes, sites with high quality content and loads of traffic, then, the search engine will surmise that you are a fairly important website and should be considered for a higher rank.

Also if a lower ranked website is receiving lots of 'click through's and is obviously becoming popular, the search engine may well decide to lower a high ranking website and give more credence to the lower ranking site.

Unfortunately, this is all a bit of a balancing act and the goal posts are constantly changing. But don't despair there is a lot you can do to get your website where it will be noticed.

If you already have a website and it's a business site for which you depend on to provide some, if not all of your income, you will have already realised that you face massive competition. It is extremely difficult to get you website to the top of the search engine rankings, certainly on a permanent basis.

There are other things that can assist you to increase the traffic coming to your website. Most people understand what links are, there are internal and external links. Simply put, external links are a connection with your web page HTML which is from another source. That is, not from another page on your website.  Then there are internal links this means  linking two or more internal pages of your website together.

There are various types of links, some of these are rated more highly than others by the search engines.

1. Affiliate Links
2. External Links
3. Reciprocal Links
4. Internal Links

You can add more pages to your website and if you have already purchased web designing software already,  this will be easy to do.  However, you must ensure the new pages you are adding, have the appropriate links to other pages on your website so that customers can click through these to find out other information you have to offer.

Start with this simple type of linking and we'll get going on the external linking tomorrow.

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